Ultimate Kickball

Ultimate Kickball is an adult Kickball league based out of Westchester New York. We are a judgment free zone and just want to have fun! All shapes, sizes, and sex are welcome and encouraged to play. So come meet new people in the Westchester New York area and re-familiarize yourself with a great game!
You've got questions, we've got answers!
Last Updated: 2011-05-21
  1. What is kickball?
    Wikipedia defines it as "... a playground game and competitive league game, similar to baseball, invented in the United States in the first half of the 20th Century. Kickball may also be known as kick baseball, soccer-base, or soccer-baseball."(src) However, we just rather say its a fun game played by kids, but perfected by adults!
  2. Do adults really play?
    Heck yes we do! This is a sport becoming more and more popular with adults.
  3. What age limits do you have?
    Our league is 18 and up. This is done for legal reasons.
  4. If I sign up as an individual, how am I placed on a team?
    After we close registrations, we find all the 'individual' and 'group' registrations and make sure they have a team. We also do a quick pass over the teams and make sure that they are all filled up and have the proper male to female ratio.
  5. How much is it?
    We offer competitive rates, currently one player costs 70$. However, if you are interested in skipping a season and becoming a Referree, we offer 2 free seasons as payment, or 80$ cash at the end of the season.
  6. I want to help, what can I do?
    The biggest way to help is to spread the word of Ultimate Kickball! In addition to that, we would love any feedback, and we are always looking for Referees.
  7. Can I be a Referee?
    You sure can, please contact us and we can give you additional information. As a way of thanking you for volunteering your time, we offer an end of season gift!
  8. What is involved in being a Captain?
    Your responbilities include creating a game line up, making sure that your team is on time for your game, and notifying your team in event of game cancelation.
  9. Where did Ultimate Kickball come from?
    Ultimate Kickball was create in 2010 by Andrew Luly, Robert Hak, and designed by Chihiro Milley. We created Ultimate Kickball to provide a fun and friendly atmosphere for people to get together, make new friends, and re-discover a classic childhood sport!
  10. If I sign up and decide I don't like it, can I get a refund?
    Once you have signed up for a league, and the league has begun, we have already used your league fee for to help pay for the next 8 weeks. This fee covers Insurance, Field Rentals, T-Shirts and more. As a result, after the first game of the league, we can no longer offer refunds.
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